Friday, December 20, 2013

Faith in Humanity

xmas blogThis year has been a very tough year. I lost my job, my mother was very ill for several months and I lost my uncle, who I loved as a father. In order to make ends meet, I moved to a smaller place that is basically a dump but at least we were able to be together, my mother and me, and that’s all that really matters, that is what is truly important.
Many of you know that I’ve been having computer issues and that I’ve tried to raise funds through ads that no one ever clicked, through actually begging for donations, etc. I was never able to raise not even $100. I understood because not only I am unknown to most of you but also because most of us are struggling – I know that I am not alone.
But, I am grateful for the trying times I’m going through. If it wasn’t because of this time in my life where I have nothing, none of the magical and wonderful experiences that I am receiving from friends I’ve never met in person and who are at faraway places, would have taken place.
I love nature and animals… I love people and life. Those that know me know that along with politics, I am very passionate about animals.
A dear friend of mine, who lives in England, surprised me with a very kind gesture: A 2014 Calendar from the Save the Elephant Foundation (SEF), he knew I couldn’t afford to purchase one and ordered it for me. It is now sitting on my desk; I get to enjoy daily the pictures of these wonderful creatures, greeting me every day… I encourage everyone to get one, you will be helping a wonderful cause.
That gesture moved me, I wasn’t expecting it and fills me with joy ever since.
Then, I had the most wonderful proof that there is still kind people out there.
Another friend, who I haven’t met in person, made an offer to me that I couldn’t refuse. I was offered to buy any computer I wanted as long as it had everything I needed to continue my blog and school. The offer was made in such a way that I couldn’t refuse. My friend offered to buy it for me and I could pay it back once I got back on my feet… or not, it was up to me. I was astonished! I have never seen such generosity from those close to me, imagine from a virtual friend! I began to cry, couldn’t contain myself… it wasn’t as much the computer but the act of generosity, the unexpected act and unselfishness from a friend that really moved me, that restored my faith in humanity, which was almost completely gone.
Today, I received another confirmation of how wonderfully unselfish people can be. A friend from Canada sent me a package that contained beautiful ornaments, two of which had the picture of a very loving child that I adore: Hannah. Hannah is a very special little girl that sings like an angel! I’ve never seen her in person, but I can tell you all I love her very much and try to follow all her advances and sometimes, her tribulations. This little girl is an example to follow, she has gone through hell and back… she is a true champion and fighter. The package also included two Christmas ornaments of two angels, which were done by my friend’s mother who makes them, sells them and the money collected she donates to help cancer patients. What a wonderful gesture, what a wonderful woman! Inside the box was an envelope that clearly had a card in it; the envelope read: OPEN LAST, so I obeyed. When I opened it I began to weep… it contained $60! Thanks to my friend, my mother and I will have a Christmas dinner since I didn’t have any money for that this year.
I am so happy that I have had the honor of knowing wonderful people such as my friends, friends that I have been mocked for calling them friends when we haven’t met. I have always said that I didn’t need to meet someone in person to feel close to them, to feel their happiness and joys, their pain and frustrations and to be “there” for them even when we are thousands of miles away. I know some people in person that have no idea of what I am going through, however, my cyber-friends do. Perhaps it is because I feel free to express myself since I will not see their faces if they disapprove of what I am saying. Maybe it is because it is so easy to unfriend someone in Facebook… who knows! All I know is that I’ve spilled my soul with them and they have been there, every time, every step of the way and I am grateful to have them in my life... Every single one of them.
I might be going through very rough times, rougher than anything I’ve gone through before but… I am thankful and very fortunate for it. It is in times such as this that you learn who your friends are and in my case, the best gift I have had in all of my life was given to me this holiday season where I learned, first hand, that there are good people out there, that humanity hasn’t been lost.
To my wonderful friends: I will never have enough words to thank you for your kindness and for the love you’ve shown me, but know that you have a friend in me, unconditionally, until the day I die.
Happy Holidays!

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