Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Congressional Assault On Women’s Rights

The 113th Congress of the United States began on January 3rd, 2013; they’ve been in session for less than two calendar months. I make it clear that it’s two calendar months because Congress is not in chambers everyday. No, according to their calendars Congress (House and Senate) was in Chamber a total of 8 times in January and in February and up to the 17h (today’s date) for 7 days; that’s a total of 15 working days in 46 days.

Republicans in Congress have been busy during these 15 days, unfortunately they don’t care about the message the American people sent them this past elections. Once more, Republicans are doing all they can to force women to have children they don’t want – for whatever reason they don’t want them. Once again, they are pushing their religious agenda upon every single woman in this country. There’s even a bill to protect doctors that refuse to perform abortions, but not one single bill to protect physicians that do and those are the ones that are being murdered by the Religious Right these Republicans in Congress represent. I guess that for them it’s OK to murder a physician for performing a legal abortion but no one can even criticize a doctor for not assisting a woman in obtaining information about a legal abortion.

There’s a bill that is founded on a study called “Son Preference and the Role of Culture: Evidence from Asian Immigrants to Canada” (to read the original, click here).  The study was written by three ECONOMISTS: Douglas Almond (Dept. of Economics, Columbia University); Lena Edlund (Dept. of Economics, Columbia University) and Kevin Milligan (Dept. of Economics, University of British Columbia); these individuals are not doctors and they have never claimed to be. This study was done using data from the Census in Canada, not the United States. The Canadian Census suggests that among the Asian communities in Canada there are more male children being born than females, especially if the parents had already two previous children and these children were female. From this information, these economists concluded that these Asian immigrants were selecting the sex of their fetus and having an abortion if the tests resulted in a female fetus. The same it’s not true in the States but that doesn’t matter. This prompted Republicans to create a bill using the Canadian data and a study that was created on population figures, but not one medical study, because they had none and in the study not one medical data was used.

These Republicans that are so obsessed with vaginas and fetuses are the same that are doing all they can to cut funding for Medicaid, Food Stamps and Educational programs. These are the programs that will provide medical assistance to poor families to care for their children and that rely on food stamps to feed those children. But these Republicans don’t care about a child that has passed through the birth canal, for all they care they can go without a doctor’s visit, food or a decent education. Their main concern is that sacred zygote.

It is my opinion – and I am entitled to have one – that the Republican Party wants women to be barefooted and pregnant, so she will not have the time to be involved in politics and moving this country forward. Most women oppose wars – because it is our children the ones that will die in those wars, and Republicans are ballistic, their second obsession is wars. Republicans are pro-corporations, by forcing all women to be giving birth continuously they will ensure these corporations a certain form of slavery, when there will be so many uneducated workers in a short period of time (18 years is not a long time), that they will work for pennies – just like China does.

Another thing to take into consideration is their fear that the White Race is becoming the minority in this country because the majority of the educated white women in this country are being responsible and abstaining from having a large family. What these Republicans don’t stop to think is that by prohibiting abortions and trying to obstruct access to prescribed contraceptives the other races will continue to reproduce at a faster rate, and this country is destined to be a multi-racial country where whites will end up in the minority no matter what they do to prevent it.

Republicans hate it that the left calls their actions a “War Against Women” but, what other name could we give it when it is obvious that they don’t care about women? There are those in Congress that want to ban abortions even in cases of rape, incest and even if the mother’s life is in danger. Women for them are things to be used and not valued. What else can we call it when those Republicans in Congress have abstained voting to pass the Violence Against Women’s Act (VAWA)? What else can we call it when these Republicans are drafting bills to protect the rights of a rapist to visit the child he procreated through rape? The congressional assault on women’s rights goes on and on.

I will not stop until I see these retrograde, male chauvinists pigs removed from Congress. Draft a bill making men responsible. Draft a bill to control men’s procreation abilities (no more insurance coverage for vasectomies or vasectomy reversals; for Viagra or anything remotely related to male’s reproductive systems). Let’s get into those dusty pants and start probing into those penises. No more turning the other cheek, that has never worked. It’s time to give them a taste of their own medicine, it takes two to tango and that applies in relationships, sex and legislation.

We’ve come a long way, baby to let these dinosaurs take us back to the dark ages.

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