Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Had a Dream

Today marks the birthday of whom, in my opinion, has been one of the greatest figures of my time. A man that against all odds, and in a peaceful but strong manner, shaped the future of this great nation: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Dr. King grew up at a time where being black was considered by the white majority as a stigma, where blacks were ‘second class’ citizens, where in the South atrocities where committed against blacks and the perpetrators went unpunished. Yet, Dr. King had the integrity, the courage, and the dignity to stand up and raise his powerful voice nonviolently, peacefully but effectively. He was able to stir the conscience and change the views of many white Americans that joined the Civil Rights Movement.
Dr. King never endorsed a political party, but he admitted he always voted Democrat even when he felt that both parties had historically betrayed blacks in this country. Today, many of the new Republicans claim that Dr. King was a republican; one has to wonder where these people get their information. 
Throughout Dr. King’s life, he encountered many attacks obviously from people that were afraid of his presence, the truthfulness of his messages, the force he represented and the change he was making. Dr. King endured bombings to his home; a stabbing and numerous arrests, but he maintained his position against violence until the last attack he endured, which cost him his life. 
Our government, who kept a close eye on him and wiretapped his home and phones, also attacked Dr. King; who in 1967 was confronted by the FBI that tried to intimidate him by accusing him of adultery, I guess they resorted to blackmail in the absence of anything else – the right has always tried to mix personal life with political life – in an effort to force him to terminate his involvement with the Civil Rights Movement, of course, Dr. King’s integrity could not be bought much less negotiated. Soon after, Dr. King received the Nobel Peace Prize. 
It is questionable the involvement that some government agencies might have had in the assassination of Dr. King – many have doubts about this – in that fateful evening in April 4, 1968, while Dr. King was in Memphis, Tennessee the area was surrounded by FBI Agents, all armed and watching Dr. King. However, the assumed perpetrator of this crime, James Earl Ray, was caught and sentenced and spent the rest of his life in prison. 
The legacy Dr. King left to future generations is irrefutable. It is because of him and the brave men and women that marched with him in the 60s, that made it possible for a black man to be President of the United States of America. It explains why our President has such a calm and collected attitude even when being relentlessly attacked by the Far Right; one must understand the history of the black people of the United States what they have gone through, to comprehend that Mr. Obama has as a model a great man that emulated peace in the face of hostility, intellect against ignorance and integrity against dishonesty. Mr. Obama can’t and should not be any other way.
Dr. King had a dream and Mr. Obama is the culmination of that dream!
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