Monday, March 24, 2014

Shocking Truth

14-year-old Joseph WilliamsA taser is a Conducted Electrical Weapon (CEW) that works by delivering a wave of electricity into the body of the victim with two wires that attach to the skin or clothes by hooks. That wave of electricity is about 50,000 volts. Even though Taser doesn’t provide a set number, it does have many warnings instructing the user not to discharge these waves for longer than 15 seconds and not repeatedly. We have seen in the news that this is not what cops do… Instead, they point that weapon at the person and even when the person is incapacitated by the discharge, they continue torturing the person while on the ground. There are also warnings that the person pulling the trigger should not touch the wires that discharge that electric wave… I wonder why the warning if 50,000 volts are not dangerous? The problem I see with tasers being used on teenagers and young people is that a wave of electricity of that magnitude, inflicted on numerous occasions, interferes with the electric waves of our nervous system and muscles, the heart is a muscle and is also part of our nervous system. I’ve always heard that when a person has a heart attack, the younger the person the least chances he has to survive it because their organs are still developing… I don’t know if this is true or not because I couldn’t find any data to support this, but it makes perfect sense to me. We keep hearing that children should not drink high energy drinks because it is dangerous to their heart, but a cop can tase that child and the government see no problem with it; cops are tasering kids as young as 11!

Every day we keep hearing more and more people that die because of a taser. Some are not as lucky and due to a bad fall while being tasered, are now in a vegetative state. 

Since 2001, over 500 people have perished from the so-called non-lethal taser, but the government is still calling these weapons non-lethal, and cops are free to use it against people, even when the people are handcuffed and present no danger to them; cops that would usually be labeled as "trigger happy" with a gun are now as trigger happy with a taser, if not more. 

taserThe vast majority of those that have died were people under 50 years of age. 

Cops are becoming lazy and fatter… Long gone are the days where a cop would chase a child that had done something wrong, now running is out of the question because cops want to move as little as possible and at the slightest move or agitation they will use that taser, joyfully and repeatedly at you. Cops will use the Taser's instructions as toilet paper, after all, nothing will happen to them if you or your child die, as a result of their tasering. They know that the worst it can happen is that they will be on paid leave while the whole thing gets investigated, then it will be swept under the carpet and the trigger happy cop will return – clear of all charges – to continue their abuse.